Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Slacking already?

Guilty as charged.... I've already become a blogging slacker! In my defense, we've traveled every weekend for the past 3 weeks.. am I off the hook? Here are highlights from my weekend in Newport, June 19-21.

My beautiful (soon to be) sister-in-law Kelley at her bridal shower... Won't she make a wonderful addition to the Jamieson family?! Gorgeous!

My brother meeting Morgan for the first time.... so sweet :)

At the Atlantic Beach Club after a Father's Day buffet... not all of that bump is baby!

Poor Jill... being sandwiched between two pregnant bellies!

Bump bonding with Lizard. Morgan and her future BFF, Lizard Jr.

There is no place more beautiful than Newport in the summer! We are looking forward to returning in a few weeks for Ben and Kelley's wedding - fingers crossed that Morgan doesn't have other plans for us!


  1. Ben and I vote this blog post the BEST. :) Hope Morgan doesn't have other plans!! our fingers are for sure crossed! xoxo

    Kelley and Ben

  2. I wish you were sitting next to me so I could rub that belly! I like this update. Now, keep 'em coming!