Friday, October 15, 2010

She's here!

Someday I will give you a recap of Morgan's first 6 weeks but for now, here are a few pictures of our precious little baby.

More to come. I promise!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Due date, shmoo date

So, even though I'VE been ready for several weeks now, it seems as though Morgan just isn't ready to come yet! My mom came to town last Tuesday thinking I'd be going into labor any minute and she'd be having a really exciting week. Instead, she spent the whole week in our apt hanging out with Charlie while Ben and I went to work - BORING! I did take Monday and Tuesday off work to relax at home before "Induction Day" tomorrow. The following pictures pretty much sum up the last 48 hours...

It was just what the doctor ordered! And now I'm relaxed and ready for labor!
Ben and I will be heading to the hospital tonight to start the induction, so last night was our last chance to squeeze in some quality time together. We went out to dinner for our last night as a family of two...

We can't wait until tomorrow to welcome Morgan Marie into the world! Please keep us in your prayers - we continue to ask God for a safe delivery and healthy baby girl!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Woah, that's a lot of candles!

A quick picture from last weekend at the Georgetown waterfront - the night my feet officially started to swell. (and they haven't stopped since) Luckily for you, this picture does not include my feet. Unluckily for you, I have a great shot of my feet below..... warning!!!

So, when I first looked at this picture of Charlie, I was wondering what the heck that big blue ball was that was sitting on our desk. I could NOT figure it out. Then I looked a little closer... and I realized it was my belly! Guess I didn't do a very good job staying out of the picture!
Ben's younger brother, Sam, came down this weekend from NYC to celebrate Ben's 30th birthday. We had a great visit and were so glad he made the long bus ride to DC. And Charlie was very excited to have a house guest! We tried to get him to pose for the camera in this one, but he couldn't figure out how to face the right direction. Oh well!

Sam joined Ben for his soccer game and they pulled off the first W of the season. There was lots of brotherly love on the field... Sam assisted Ben on one of his TWO goals! Unfortunately, even though I videotaped 90% of the game, I somehow managed to miss BOTH of Ben's goals! Of course!

Alright.... I warned you. Here they are... my swollen feet. Yikes! (I know I need a pedicure too.. but I can't reach my feet!)

I still think Ben's might be worse! Double YIKES!!

As the clock was about to strike midnight...

Ben enjoyed his very last moments in his twenties...

And then he was THIRTY!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday Old Man!

We celebrated Ben's 3 decades at Bourbon in Glover Park with all of our good friends. Thanks to everyone for coming!

Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband.. I love you so much!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

A few pictures from the last week....

Another one bites the dust - Alo's 30th Birthday party! (birthday boy not pictured - sorry Alo!) Ben... are you gearing yourself up for this? Only 12 more days in your twenties....

Ben posing for a picture after thoroughly enjoying about a dozen of Abbey's delicious sausage balls... until learning they had cheese in them, at which time he decided he didn't like them anymore. HA!
Doesn't Charlie looked scared? No mom! Don't drop that on me!

Look out Big Mama!!
4 weeks and counting... how much bigger can my belly get??!

Monday, July 19, 2010


We've been working hard to get things ready for Morgan's arrival - 5 weeks and counting! (Assuming she doesn't come early, which she better not... Ben and Kelley's wedding is in 4 weeks!) Here are pictures of the nursery - it's not completely finished, but almost!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Slacking already?

Guilty as charged.... I've already become a blogging slacker! In my defense, we've traveled every weekend for the past 3 weeks.. am I off the hook? Here are highlights from my weekend in Newport, June 19-21.

My beautiful (soon to be) sister-in-law Kelley at her bridal shower... Won't she make a wonderful addition to the Jamieson family?! Gorgeous!

My brother meeting Morgan for the first time.... so sweet :)

At the Atlantic Beach Club after a Father's Day buffet... not all of that bump is baby!

Poor Jill... being sandwiched between two pregnant bellies!

Bump bonding with Lizard. Morgan and her future BFF, Lizard Jr.

There is no place more beautiful than Newport in the summer! We are looking forward to returning in a few weeks for Ben and Kelley's wedding - fingers crossed that Morgan doesn't have other plans for us!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Weekend festivities - 30 weeks

Summer weekends are the best. We had warmth and sunshine all weekend and we definitely took advantage of it! We spent Friday night at a summer cookout - the weather was perfect, the crabs were tasty and the s'mores were just what the (OB) doctor ordered!

My sweet husband.... he was so wonderful late on Friday night when I was having horrible back pain. (I think I have a pinched nerve... ouch!) It took me about an hour to get comfortable in bed and he rubbed my back and helped me shift around until I fell asleep. What a doll :)

Not so good at crackin' em... but darn good at eatin' em!

Then Saturday, Ben watched the World Cup all day and I went to the BEACH! I've officially outgrown all of my bathing suits, so my maternity tankini made its beach deput... sexy!

Ahhh, the smell of the ocean...
And the taste of frozen custard.... with jimmies (sprinkles)! You just can't beat the beach!

Sunday, we began moving into the second bedroom that our landlord has offered to let us use - Morgan will have a nursery after all! Ben put together our changing table, we bought our crib, and we started taking all of our baby gear out of its boxes. No pictures yet though... the nursery is still a work in progress!!