Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Due date, shmoo date

So, even though I'VE been ready for several weeks now, it seems as though Morgan just isn't ready to come yet! My mom came to town last Tuesday thinking I'd be going into labor any minute and she'd be having a really exciting week. Instead, she spent the whole week in our apt hanging out with Charlie while Ben and I went to work - BORING! I did take Monday and Tuesday off work to relax at home before "Induction Day" tomorrow. The following pictures pretty much sum up the last 48 hours...

It was just what the doctor ordered! And now I'm relaxed and ready for labor!
Ben and I will be heading to the hospital tonight to start the induction, so last night was our last chance to squeeze in some quality time together. We went out to dinner for our last night as a family of two...

We can't wait until tomorrow to welcome Morgan Marie into the world! Please keep us in your prayers - we continue to ask God for a safe delivery and healthy baby girl!


  1. You still look fabulous and I can't wait to see you tomorrow and meet Ms. Morgan Marie! xoxox

  2. I mean Miss Morgan Marie! muwah!

  3. You'll do great~~you're covered in prayer!!

  4. lauren, i seriously haven't stopped thinking of you the last several weeks! good luck tomorrow and we will be praying! you will do amazing!!

  5. Hey little mama. I think the next 24 hours will be the longest of my life! I love you three so much!